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Stellar Review from our Short Stay customer !

You know you are in the right business when your clients give you such amazing feedback !

‘Shelley was there to personally greet us (even with a late check in!) and ensure we settled in to the flat. She went above and beyond, and the gorgeous flat was simply perfect for our stay – stylish, cozy and what a location! Thank you!’

At Silver Service Real Estate, we love what we do and it reflects in our work as well.

Everything underpinned by our no-compromise attitude to set the highest standards in service.

Check out our Short stay Boutique Hotels at 

Talk to one of our dedicated team members at [email protected] or call us +61 (0) 3 9855 1197 +61 (0) 3 9855 0541

We have exactly what you might be looking for!

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Cladding safety and essential measures you can take to stay safe during an unfortunate fire emergency. 

Cladding now has been a keen issue for the Victoria building authority and Essential Safety measure (ESM) have been put into practice. 

Essential safety measure or ESM are the safety features required in a building to protect occupants in the event of a fire. ESMs may include :

  • Fire detection 
  • Alarm systems 
  • Fire doors
  • Emergency lighting 
  • Fire hydrants

If maintained adequately these at the time of a fire hazard, are responsible for ensuring everyone can exit the building safely and quickly. Their full functionality is important in case emergency arises.

Owners corporation managers, on behalf of owners, must ensure ESMs are kept up to date and regularly tested. Non-compliance puts occupants, passers-by and adjoining buildings at risk and this can be life threatening as well.  Non-compliance may result in heavy fines. If you would like some more information please contact our partners OC Management Solutions

Essential Safety Measures are more important to be observed around combustible cladding. Combustible cladding does not mean you building is unsafe However, once a fire starts combustible cladding may contribute to the spread of fire.

Non-compliance may result in an infringement notice being issued by your Council or the Fire Authority. Fines may range from $290 to over $17,000 for an individual and over $88,000 if a company is prosecuted.

If you have any questions about how to maintain ESMs, please contact your local fire service fire safety department or your local MBS.

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Why Your Property Manager is the Best Person to Sell Your Investment Property?

Are you planning to sell an investment property on your own? 

If you’re the owner of an investment property and struggling to get a deal to the closing table, having a dedicated property manager on your side can make a big difference. For instance, our property managers at Silver Service have successfully been navigating one of the most common problem areas for our clients — balancing the tenant’s rights and obligations with that of the landlord/seller in case they don’t wish to or, cannot afford to sell their investment vacant.

Unlike brokers who exclusively focus on the sale while neglecting the tenant issues, we aim to reach a happy middle ground wherein our client can sell with the tenant in situ without upheaval or required rental deductions.

That said, let’s look at other reasons why the best agent to sell your investment property is the property manager.

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Conscious Living is not something designed for only some of our Community, it is the very foundation that we should seek for ALL of our communities. Consumers are getting more and more aware of to how their choices affect the environment, animal welfare, vulnerable communities within Australia and overseas, as well as their own personal health and well-being.

So what is a Get Hi Event? Get Hi is a festival inspired event to allow people to get high on their own energy supply, in a safe and wholesome environment. Mariam McDonald was a part of the first Get Hi Event that was held at Welcome to Thornbury in February, and she was so thrilled she wanted to share so everyone can join.

Get Hi Event,

Sat 15th Jun, 4:00 pm – 11:30 pm

Location; Second Story Studios A/222 Johnston St, Collingwood VIC 3066, Australia


 hope to see you there!


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Cladding Victims Left in the Lurch Post Victorian Budget

Thousands of property owners suffering due to flammable cladding on their buildings are still in limbo as the Victorian budget seeks to increase action on ‘cladding rectification program’ with a funding of $160 million.

While the fund allotted will be used exclusively to fix government-owned buildings with cladding issues, no money has been set aside for owners to remove flammable cladding from private dwellings. This, despite the fact that removing cladding from affected buildings is an expensive process.

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ATO Warning Depreciation

The ATO has sent our warnings about targeting Investor Claims. Some Landlords either advertently or inadvertently are lodging incorrect Statements when lodging their Tax Return to the ATO.

The ATO is now “cracking down”.

The ATO has just finished a major crackdown on taxpayers claiming work from home expenditure (clawing back over $600m in taxes) and have now declared that property investors are the next target, naturally due to the amount of money they believe is at stake.

A Depreciation Schedule allows you to claim the depreciation value of any part of a property that is subject to wear and tear e.g. carpet, window furnishings, paintwork, appliances …..

If a Landlord either refurbishes or renovates all or part of their property during a tax period, they cannot lodge the full value within that period. It must be depreciated over time and over the period legislated. For some items, that can be for a duration of two tax years but, some items are depreciated over 10+ years.

If a Landlord spends money on repairs/maintenance e.g. repair of a dripping tap, a blind repair, an appliance repair ….. they can claim the full cost within the tax period that the cost fell.

There are penalties for lodging an incorrect Tax Return. Property Investors that are seeking to pass capital works (property improvements) as maintenance are now a target. As you can imagine, capital works can easily fall into the $1000’s so, would reduce an investor’s taxable income to nothing or next to nothing if claimed incorrectly. Whether intended or not, some investors are incorrectly lodging and the ATO is creating warnings that they are on the lookout.

Here are a few more articles on the topic!

We strongly recommend this tax time you speak to your accountant and ensure that you are correctly lodging your Tax returns when it comes to depreciation.

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The safety of thousands of Victorians living in apartments who are currently at risk of a potentially life threatening incident because of flammable cladding in their homes. We as a community can bring about any and every change if we stand for it together. We need to help solve the burning cladding issue without burdening owners and residents with undue responsibilities and expenses, we at Silver Service Real Estate support industry partners, the Cladding Action Group and Greens. We invite you to join us by signing this petition as we are calling on the government to;

> Take responsibility for the safety of Victorians and not subject owners to a messy and complicated legal process

-> Establish a Cladding Safety Fund which can be accessed by people who need to replace dangerous cladding


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Tax Time

At tax time, wear and tear or, more specifically, depreciation is a property investor’s best friend.

As a property gets older and items within it wear out, their value depreciates. The Australian Tax Office (ATO) governs legislation that allows owners of an income-producing property to claim a tax deduction for this wear and tear. Capital works deductions can be claimed on the building’s structure and items considered permanently fixed to the property, while depreciation can be claimed on the plant and equipment assets contained within it.

“Claiming depreciation and the associated capital works deductions is a significant taxation benefit and one which many investment property owners are unaware of. Depreciation is a non-cash deduction meaning you do not need to spend any money to claim it.”

Extract from (BMT and Associates Quantity Surveyors)

A Tax Depreciation Schedule is simply a document that tells your accountant how much depreciation to claim on your investment property. BMT and Associates, with their comprehensive Tax Depreciation Schedules, have been helping our valued Clients to do just this, resulting in:

  • Reduction of their taxable income
  • Increased cash return
  • More money being put back into their pocket

Find out how much you could be claiming using the following free Depreciation Calculator:

Rever some case studies to find out more:

Alternatively, you may request a Client Registration Form by contacting BMT directly on or emailing us at [email protected]mailto:[email protected]

Order and prepay for your Schedule before June 30 2019 and claim the fee straight back in this year’s Tax Return!