We love to empower people in business through partnerships and joint ventures.

Silver Service offers that ability for Agents to run their own business within a business as a Joint Venture Partner (JV). The Silver Service business Hub has successfully supported a number of Agents to extend their passion for the market and grow their businesses.

All regulation tasks, paperwork and billing is managed by the Silver Service Hub in order to provide time back to the JV Agent, thus enabling them to focus on delivering outstanding customer service, empowering them to work on the retention of their customers and grow their business. The Hub and leadership team provide advice as well as mentoring support to suit the needs of the individual agent. The biggest Impact for the Agent is security over their future destiny.

Silver Service HUB

The Silver Service group is a Co-operative of property related businesses, which are all served by a central “Hub” providing generic requirements of property related business.

  • HUB- admin,
  • Trusting accounting,
  • Finance,
  • Marketing,
  • Advertising

Silver Service Group

Our joint ventures include:

  • RPIA- Buyers agency, property stylists and short stay (Airbnb properties)
  • Lease & Manage – Rooming Houses

Silver Service Partner Agents

Two Licenced agents and senior property managers rent roll

I came to the Hub as I needed the business support and admin – it suits me to do this rather than employ my own staff“. “We benefit from scale and experience the hub provides and continue to build the relationship to better understand how we can work together

Who are we for?

Our JV agents working with us in the Hub aren’t always good with the paperwork, nor understand all the ins and outs of running a business, but they are great Agents. We simply help them to remove the burden of all the operationally lead administration tasks and provide support that helps them to avoid burnout. From Sales to Leasing, we understand the journey and deliver a new level of service delivery excellence.