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As an independent and co-operative group focused on empowering customers and agents alike, Silver Service has gained an enviable position in the marketplace, enhanced by a unique, co-operative business culture. We are always looking for talented Property Managers who subscribe to the same values as we do, with a focus that always sees things from the customer’s perspective, Silver Service is helping to re-define real estate in Melbourne.

“Our passion is reflected in our ability to listen, understand and take the reins to what can often be a stressful
dynamic. We are nurturing in nature and we never cease to put our best foot forward to win the trust of
the people we work with and to reaffirm the wonderfully high standards intrinsic in our name.”

“It is the personal relationship I like, it’s not a revolving door”

“Over the years I have had the one person to deal with, I’m really happy with that.

“I am happy with the responsiveness and I know they are hands on, this gives me a sense of trust that they care which is the most important.”