Become A Partner

We have built a reputation of surpass expectation with a passion for getting things done the right way. We are as professional as we are caring because we understand we are key party of life stories, we use our expertise to steer this journey above and beyond. For our commercial colleagues and JV’s seeking support to grow their business in real estate, we provide a welcoming and collaborative platform to tap into a higher way of excelling in their field.

We are Silver Service by name and reputation.

  • We look for JV partners that get into Real Estate to create excellence over and above what they see in the industry. We look forward to discussing your business aspirations and chatting to you soon,

Who are we for?

Our JV agents working with us in the HUB aren’t always good with the paperwork, nor understand all the ins and outs of running a business, but they are great Agents. We simply help them to remove the burden of all the operationally lead administration task and provide support that helps them to avoid burnout. From Sales to Leasing, we understand the journey and deliver a new level of service delivery excellence.

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