Lodging Maintenance Requests To Silver Service

At the beginning of your tenancy, it is established that all non-urgent maintenance is required to be submitted to our agency in writing as soon as it becomes evident (refer Tenant Information document). Submissions may be made by:

Email: [email protected]
Fax: 9855 0541
Post: PO Box 182 RICHMOND VIC 3121
Hand delivery: Suite 6, 8 Bromham Place RICHMOND VIC 3121

To support a fast resolution of a maintenance request, please assist the following:

  1. What is the issue?
  2. Where applicable, what was happening before, during and after the maintenance issue arose e.g. “I baking a roast in the oven and, I heard a loud bang. When I went to investigate, I found that the oven had tripped a fuse. Every time I reinstated the fuse, it immediately switched off again.” or “One of the living room downlights blew. I changed the globe with a compatible new one but, the fitting still does not work.” or “I wound my window out for some fresh air and, when I tried to close it, the winder would no longer work.”
  3. If not already advised, what troubleshooting have you attempted? e.g.”I have come home to no power. I have checked that there is no outage in my area and, I have paid my electricity bill. I have also checked to see if all the fuses are on in the fuse box/main switchboard…” or “The door handle is loose. Though I have tightened it, it keeps coming loose.”
  4. If an appliance is involved, is there a serial plate somewhere on the appliance that can be photographed and provided? Otherwise, what is the make and model of the appliance?
  5. If photos will assist, please provide photos to illustrate the issue occurring.
    When the above is considered, the issue can be more readily assessed and, our Office can further assist with troubleshooting if required.

If and when the matter is referred on to a qualified contractor, a diagnosis can usually be made before they arrive on site. This assists to ensure the contractor is carrying the right qualification, tools and, in some instances, the parts already needed to affect a repair.

Best of all, false call outs can most often be avoided.

NB: The cost for false call outs and failure to attend a prearranged contractor appointment are a Tenant’s responsibility to cover, not a Landlord’s. With this in mind, we thank you for understanding why we are not always quick to create a maintenance/works order without establishing the right level of information and understanding prior.

In the instance of an Urgent Repair (please refer to pages 20 and 21 of your Renting a Home guidebook) we remind you to call our Office as a priority on 9855 1197. Ideally, an urgent matter is best contained within the same day and, during business hours!

If are unable to get hold of a Team Member because your call is being made after hours, on a weekend or Public Holiday, PLEASE leave a message or send an URGENT EMAIL. This will be picked up as a priority as soon as business resumes.

If the matter cannot wait because the risk of property damage, loss or personal harm cannot be contained or assured, PLEASE revert to the Silver Service Preferred Contractor List that has been issued to you with your Tenant Pack (and, which is updated every Christmas).

You are authorised to consult with a Silver Service Preferred Contractor directly under such circumstances.