We are accomplished Property Managers with vast expertise of the rental markets in Melbourne. From advertising and showcasing a property, to selecting choice renters and managing the property thereafter, Silver Service makes the leasing process accurate and prompt. As a property investor, your property is carefully assigned to our expert team, ensuring each party receives a personalised service worthy of putting our name on it.

With a culture that always sees things from the customer’s perspective, Silver Service is helping to re-define real estate in Melbourne. From transparency of costs and processes, to sharing knowledge and experience that encourages a better understanding of the recommendations and management processes, Silver Service is your partner of choice. And because the majority of the Silver Service team are stakeholders, we focus on building a business within a business, rather than just employees.

Silver Service stringently follows the Residential Tenancies Act 1997, the main navigator behind the landlord and tenant relationship, and regularly checks for updates from Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV). In recognition of the times as well as changing legislation, we are phasing out the terms Landlord and Tenant. Instead, we are acknowledging a Landlord as a Property Owner or Property Investor and, Tenants as Renters or Leaseholders.

Our passion is reflected in our ability to listen, understand and take the reins to what can often be a stressful dynamic. We are nurturing in nature and we never cease to put our best foot forward to win the trust of the people we work with and to reaffirm the wonderfully high standards intrinsic in our name.