Managing the Menace of Illegal Subletting

Some renters choose to sublet the property unbeknown to the landlord, exposing them to the risk of losing control over their property and damages that could cost them dearly. And, that’s where the problems begin.
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Why Your Property Manager is the Best Person to Sell Your Investment Property?

Are you planning to sell an investment property on your own? 

If you’re the owner of an investment property and struggling to get a deal to the closing table, having a dedicated property manager on your side can make a big difference. For instance, our property managers at Silver Service have successfully been navigating one of the most common problem areas for our clients — balancing the tenant’s rights and obligations with that of the landlord/seller in case they don’t wish to or, cannot afford to sell their investment vacant.

Unlike brokers who exclusively focus on the sale while neglecting the tenant issues, we aim to reach a happy middle ground wherein our client can sell with the tenant in situ without upheaval or required rental deductions.

That said, let’s look at other reasons why the best agent to sell your investment property is the property manager.

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Conscious Living is not something designed for only some of our Community, it is the very foundation that we should seek for ALL of our communities.
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Cladding Victims Left in the Lurch Post Victorian Budget

Thousands of property owners suffering due to flammable cladding on their buildings are still in limbo as the Victorian budget seeks to increase action on ‘cladding rectification program’ with a funding of $160 million.

While the fund allotted will be used exclusively to fix government-owned buildings with cladding issues, no money has been set aside for owners to remove flammable cladding from private dwellings. This, despite the fact that removing cladding from affected buildings is an expensive process.

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ATO Warning Depreciation

The ATO has sent our warnings about targeting Investor Claims. Some Landlords either advertently or inadvertently are lodging incorrect Statements when lodging their Tax Return to the ATO.

The ATO is now “cracking down”.

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The safety of thousands of Victorians living in apartments who are currently at risk of a potentially life threatening incident because of flammable cladding in their homes. We as a community can bring about any and every change if we stand for it together.
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