Paul Bartolo of Bart’s Plumbing

Paul has been a plumber and gas fitter for over 30 years, but his interest in a trade began as a child watching and learning the craft of engineering and joinery from his father.  

After completing school, working in a bank and then delivering seafood he decided on a career in Plumbing. He excelled in his apprenticeship coming second in the Victorian Workskills Competition. This earned him a place in the Nationals where he narrowly missed travelling to Sweden to compete in the World Championship. 

He also inherited a strong work ethic and perfection  in whatever he sets his mind to so, after working on construction sites and 

general plumbing, he started his own business installing heating and cooling systems. He has since branched out to renovations, including tiling, welding, flooring as well as general property maintenance.

His love and pride in his family (wife Danielle, daughters Leilani, Kianna and ‘son’ English Staffy – Buddy) extends to his work and completing a job to exceed expectations. 

His warm and vibrant personality are apparent when  meeting and talking to people and especially animated and vocal when supporting his beloved Hawks. 

His innovative ideas in coming up with a solution to customer’s needs match his creativity in the kitchen, where he can serve up a hearty curry or a delicate prawn ravioli. 

From home life to work life Paul excels in being present and committed and always the right person for the job. 

We are proud to work with Paul Bartolo. So much so that he is considered an integral part of our business and, an official member of the SSRE Team

Changes Coming To The RTA And How They Impact You!

Changes Coming to RTA

The Victorian State government recently recommended some changes to the Residential Tenancy Regulations (RTA) that will come into effect on 1 July 2020. The changes increase the responsibility of landlords to maintain smoke alarms, gas safety and electrical safety for their rented premises. 

The Changes and Their Impacts

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For your Christmas table!

It is our favourite time of the year. The sun is bright, the feeling is merry and we are all looking forward to sitting at our Christmas table with friends & family. To make this time even more magical, we have a special surprise from our very own Masterchef contestant Anushka! She shares with us her favourite Aussie Christmas recipe which is perfect for the holiday table spread. 

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Refresh with A Fresh Coat of Paint!

It is so important to stand out in today’s world. Today, we have more to distract us than ever before. In the world of real estate, to make an impact, little things can go a long way. 

In today’s blog, we talk about how a small investment can lead to big returns. For example, how just a coat of paint can refresh an old home, giving it new life. If you are selling or renting out it’s important to put your best foot forward and brighten up the living space.

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Short Stay and AirBnB property Myths

Melbourne is one of the highest subscribers of AirBnb properties, attracting a lot of property investors to turn to short stays for higher rental yields.

Of course when attracting more business, the responsibility is increased, and if managed well it can prove to be beneficial to not only to the investor but the community as whole.

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Is your garden spring ready?

Summer is almost here, and before we get carried away with hosting all those backyard BBQ’s and having picture perfect high-teas, we need to get cleaning up the winter weeds and planting those flowering plants to get the garden in full bloom.

To help you make the best of this spring weather, we’ve compiled a list of To-do’s to bring your garden to life;

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Want to Change Your Property Manager? It’s Easier Than You Think!

Too many landlords harbour the misconception that they can’t switch property managers during a lease contract and that there’s no exit door. If you feel like you’re stuck with your property manager and unsatisfied with their services, here’s something you should know: You don’t have to put up with poor property management experience.

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