Additional services


Additional Services

Let’s first confirm what is meant by additional services, we classify these as something that is not part of the direct service that you’re employing from Silver Service Real Estate but is a recommended additional service.

There are times during our consultancy with our Landlord Clients that we recommend a number of additional services. Most commonly, they are:

    • Smoke Alarm Testing and Compliance,
    • Landlord Insurance and,
  • Tax Depreciation Scheduling.

Many of us can find upselling offensive so why would any self-respecting Property Manager offer you additional services that you haven’t asked for?

In the instance of Smoke Alarm Testing and Compliance, the answer is simple. Because of The Law.

Australian Standard 3786-1993, which is part of the Building Regulations 2006, says that a residential property must have a working smoke alarm and, properties built from 1 August 1997 must have a hardwired alarm with a battery backup. The Building Regulations further direct the positioning and number of smoke alarms that are required in a residential property.

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