Margaret Lawrence

Margaret Lawrence is a qualified chartered accountant and is the accountant and company secretary at Silver Service Real Estate. Margaret’s career spans over 30 years and her continued success has been founded on honesty, integrity and reliability for each client. She joined shortly after its formation in 2009 and has actively supported the team throughout their decade-long journey. Margaret prepares and analyses monthly and annual financial reports and budgets, and ensures legal and regulatory compliance for the business. She is a valued member of the Hub and supports Silver Service’s joint venture partners, as well as the Board of Directors in her capacity as Company Secretary.

Adam Hillary

Adam Hillary

Adam Hillary was a commissioned officer in the British Army and came to Australia in 1998. Adam co-founded Silver Service Real Estate in 2009 with business partner Alister McDonald and Mariam McDonald. He now shares his time between Silver Service Real Estate and a number of technology start-ups. As a director of Silver Service Real Estate, Adam applies his entrepreneurial spirit and disciplined thinking to actively encourage and ignite innovation in Australian real estate. He continues to seek and create new opportunities to innovate, collaborate and grow.

Mariam McDonald

Mariam McDonald is a licensed estate agent, co-founder and the principal of Silver Service Real Estate. Mariam entered the industry as a real estate cadet in 1997, focussing on the residential area of property and strata management. She has since held posts as oc manager, senior property manager and business development manager. On 1 February 2009, Mariam co-founded the independent real estate agency Silver Service and has held the post of managing director. She ensures the business exceeds customer expectations and continues to drive forward a new breed of co-operative agency, building the skills of other agents to create successful businesses within the Silver Service family of operations.