A Revolutionary Joint Venture

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A business partnership delivering best practice to revolutionise traditional property and owners corporation management.

Silver Service Real Estate (SSRE) and OC Management Solutions (OC) join forces to revolutionise property and owners corporation management. The announcement comes as a natural extension of their six-year long collaboration during which the companies have worked together on some of Victoria’s landmark building projects including the Hallmark Apartments (South Melbourne), Studio 9 (Richmond), and Kensington Banks (Kensington), to name a few. Over the years, the collaborative relationship between SSRE and OC Management has proven to be extremely valuable for landlords, property investors and building management. The desire to step up the benefits to a wider audience and extend the practice across both organisations’ portfolios have driven their decision to join hands officially.

The highlights

With more Australians accepting that the strata environment is the new standard for city living, the need for truly informed and integrous leadership is at an all-time high. This joint-venture business partnership is a positive step in that direction and will open up an array of new opportunities for customers while providing an improved holistic service to owners corporation and property management alike.

Some key benefits that this partnership will provide includes:

  • Improved communication. To become more proactive while deepening the level of engagement of property managers to OC Management.
  • Increased transparency. To ensure that all contractual obligations are met in a timely manner, minimising the potential for special levies through managing, and most importantly, communicating to creditors.
  • Better support to owners and tenants. Scheduled and reactive works can be better managed through a collaborative communication and support from OC to SSRE, ensuring all tenants and owner occupiers are communicated with and supported through any disruptions.
  • Streamlined working relationship. To ensure the properties and buildings are being managed to the highest levels.
  • Expense management for landlords and property owners. Through this service combination, owners and landlords will be able to better manage outgoings. Plus, it will help create a structure to support the spread of costs of levy notices.
  • Seamless rental transitions. To enable tenants to move in and out in a smooth, fast, and organised manner via new services offered.
  • Better protection for properties. To improve efficiencies for security and keys/swipes, creating improved safety management strategies for properties.
  • Well-synchronised joint site inspections. To ensure site the regular/scheduled inspection is coordinated and managed effectively between the businesses with shared properties.
  • Preventative measures against unlawful subletting. To collectively stand against overcrowding and illegal subletting and help mitigate these problems.
  • Cohesive management. To link all the different areas of property management to create a successful management process.

About Silver Service Real Estate

Silver Service real estate re-defined

Silver Service Real Estate was launched in 2009 to provide residential property sales and management services in key Melbourne suburbs. Over the last decade, the Group has dedicated itself to re-defining services and has recently added Short Stays and holiday lets across Melbourne as well as providing rooming housing services into regional Victoria.

As an independent and co-operative group focused on empowering customers and agents alike, Silver Service has gained an enviable position in the marketplace, enhanced by a unique, co-operative business culture called the Silver Service Hub, which support professionals, joint ventures, and agent partners in writing their own success. silverservicere.com.au

About OC Managment Solutions

OC Management Solutions

Established in 2007, OC Management Solutions provides expert management services for medium to high-density hi-rise apartment buildings.

With asset base under management in excess of $500 million and annual expenditure budgets of over $15 million, the company is a leader in owners corporation management and holds specialist knowledge, agility, and prowess in running large scale residential and complex projects. ocmanagementsolutions.com.au